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  • 2016 excellent new material Technology Co., Ltd. Hui Bao holiday schedule t...

    2016 excellent new material Technology Co., Ltd. Hui Bao holiday arrangements following times: The annual traditional festival "Spring Festival" is approaching, according to the company needs produc...

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  • The most thin nano material graphene

    Was isolated from Andre Geim of the University of Manchester, assuming that the thickness of a graphene (graphene) is a kind of carbon atoms in a monolayer lamellar structure of new material. It is made of carbon atoms with SP2 hybrid orbital hexagonal honeycomb lattice plane film, only a carbon ato...

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  • Grease storage and storage knowledge

    Grease is a colloidal substance structure, especially soap grease, under the long-term action of gravity will inevitably appear oil. Grease packing container is higher, the pressure oil tended to be more serious. Therefore, try to avoid using a large packaging. In addition, the packaging should be s...

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  • [EUBO] Application of wear resistant coating on automobile

    When mention automotive lubricants, naturally think of engine oil and bearing grease. In spite of all the cars use different types of lubricants. However, lubricant role did not. Lubricant quietly hidden under the hood, filling between the interior materials, driver controlled indoor, under the seat...

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  • Electronic coating agent can make your mobile phone bath, the thickness of ...

    Water has always been the enemy of electronic equipment. [EUBO] Electronic coating agent available, so that many electronic equipment products from the scourge of water.

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  • Comparison between grease and lubricating oil

    Lubricating grease and lubricating oil are excellent lubricating materials, but because of their different characteristics, the use of different can not completely replace each other, summed up, the two main have the following differences:

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  • Automotive connector special dry film oil

    A normal car connector at least 400, and each of the connectors must have a certain resistance to pressure and unique use. That is, the quality of each connector are related to the potential failure of vehicles risk. So EUBO Youbao hereby launched the car connection device specific dry coating oil, ...

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  • General knowledge of grease modification

    Changes in the quality of grease include physical and chemical changes:Grease in part because of the role is influenced by the external environment (such as air, water, dust and other harmful gases, etc.) were studied, and the working parts of the relative motion to generate mechanical forces (such ...

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  • How to determine the oil change period?

    Lubricating oil used when, to what degree cannot continue to use, need an oil change, this is the lube oil change period and scrap index, on the basis of general oil can be summarized in the following aspects:

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  • Four major characteristics of space lubricating oil

    The space shuttle on the lubricating oil quality is more and more strict requirements. Because of the Shenzhou VI flight time is 115 hours, the lubricating oil must be in outer space, strong radiation, multi medium, weight loss and other complex flight environment to maintain stability, meet more th...

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  • Application of food grade grease

    Food grade grease has been widely used in the following areas:1. In the beer, beverage machinery and equipment, the most critical part is filling machine, jar, distributor, filling valve and cover the first part to beer and and beverage contact, these parts must be used EUBO food grade grease.

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  • Summary of the raw materials and application of food grade grease

    First, the base oil used in food grade grease:At present, the base oil used in food grade grease mainly has two kinds: high quality refined mineral oil and synthetic oil.

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  • Application of dry film oil

    When some precision equipment to use conditions of increasingly stringent requirements, the performance of ordinary lubricants has been unable to meet the demand for the use of equipment. Therefore, EUBO Youbao special R & D the dry coating oil products. Dry coating oil and ordinary lubricating coat...

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  • Test method for high temperature performance of lubricating grease

    With the development to enhance the level of industrialization and the industry, more and more machinery and equipment parts of the lubrication in high temperature environment, with outstanding high temperature performance of grease undoubtedly has important significance for equipment to meet the hi...

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  • How to choose screw grease?

    The most common machine parts screw, correct selection of the most suitable screw grease, it is necessary to choose according to screw material or surface thread and use conditions. So under the condition of high temperature working, with a special resistance to high temperature grease for lubricati...

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  • Main contents of equipment lubrication management

    Eubo superior treasure enterprise lubrication management mainly includes the following:(1) to establish a practical and feasible management institutions and rules and regulations, according to the need to set the lubrication station, equipped with full-time or part-time lubrication staff, the staff ...

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