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Main contents of equipment lubrication management

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Eubo superior treasure enterprise lubrication management mainly includes the following:

(1) to establish a practical and feasible management institutions and rules and regulations, according to the need to set the lubrication station, equipped with full-time or part-time lubrication staff, the staff at all levels of responsibility system.

(2) set of lubricating technology standards formulate, implementation "fixed-point, qualitative, regular, quantitative, fixed" five scheduled work norms. Preparation of various types of equipment lubrication chart, sent to each device. For precision, large-scale and the key production equipment to single lubrication system chart and some matters needing attention. The lubrication chart to be concise, accurate and consistent. Also, the establishment of a variety of technical operation rules, safety technical regulations and so on.

(3) to control the lubricating material purchase, storage, whole process. Supervision and grease according to the plan of the varieties, quantity, quality and timely supply. Grasp the situation of inventory oil, requirements according to the quota issued to the workshop or single use, and recycling of waste oil. To set the color of plant universal representing a variety of oil material grades easy to distinguish, prevent confusion.

(4) to carry out technical training lubrication. Lubrication engineering training is the first step in the management of lubricating oil. In the knowledge and skills of front-line staff is always inseparable with the maintenance of machinery and equipment, according to the actual situation of the factory planning of lube industry and trade of education and training. Training and education content lubrication basic knowledge and method of use, fuel supply method, answers to problems of lubrication technology and plant lubrication technology management system of knowledge.

(5) to strengthen checks on the work of the state of lubrication system, often were recorded. The important equipment should do regular maintenance, reliable and flexible in order to ensure the smooth flow of the oil, the appropriate amount of oil pressure and oil, all kinds of oil, oil filter, pressure relay and flow insurance chain device. All the equipment shall be set up a separate oil record card.

(6) develop various models of lubricating materials consumption quota. Quota includes surface fuel consumption quota, tank normal consumption, add oil quota. At the same time, to control the equipment oil spills, which is an important and difficult task, there is considerable mechanical equipment (about 1 / 3 to 1 / 4) has the problem of oil leakage, to adhere to the prevention and treatment.

(7) constantly learning, application of domestic and foreign new technology of lubricating oil, test, promotion of new lubricating material and method, to constantly improve the lubrication effect, meet the increasing of mechanical properties, but also by new scientific achievements, for important equipment running regular monitoring.

(8) do regeneration of waste oil recycling and utilization, has a very important economic significance. Through many experiments, the formulation of single equipment, the workshop even the whole plant of waste oil recycling quota. Waste oil to take good care of, conditional units to tissue regeneration.

(9) for evaluation and improvement of lubrication management effect. In order to constantly improve the summary must know to implement the effect of lubrication management how to reflect to increase production and reduce the cost, to carry out lubrication management and equipment maintenance, repairs and lubricant lubrication about the fee, mechanical operation rate compared, from can see the effect of lubrication management; and further improved. To do better in the lubrication management of the workshop teams and groups and operators to give reward and recognition, to do good to give criticism to help.

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