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Grease storage and storage knowledge

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1 grease packaging
Grease is a colloidal substance structure, especially soap grease, under the long-term action of gravity will inevitably appear oil. Grease packing container is higher, the pressure oil tended to be more serious. Therefore, try to avoid using a large packaging. In addition, the packaging should be sealed well, to avoid the dust, water mix. Sealing of packaging container also can prevent oxygen entering, making grease is not easy to oxidative deterioration during storage.

2 grease shipment
Damage to the packaging container, sealing the mouth deformation and infiltration of impurities or immersed in water will deteriorate the fat. Handling grease, should as far as possible the handle with care, to avoid excessive crash. When handling, it is best to use drums dedicated car, pulley or fork lift trucks, not along the edges of the bucket to scroll; placed, it is best to erect, should not be placed horizontally, upside down. Before and after transportation ensure sealing cover intact? Complete the rainproof measures.

3 grease storage
Grease should as far as possible in room shady and dry storage, temperature should not be higher than 35 degrees. No indoor storage conditions shall be stamped sheeting and special protective cover, to avoid the sun and rain. Open barrels from grease, don't in the packing barrel left holes should be the grease of the smooth surface, help to reduce oil phenomenon. Grease stored for a long time will be due to gravity continuous oil, so do storage register, do first to use first, in order to avoid long-term storage cause product spoilage.

4 shelf life
In not Kaifeng and recommended storage temperature conditions, general grease products can save 2 to 3 years (from the Netherlands date calculation). Storage of expired products, if want to continue to use, to deal with the main quality indexes to professional testing for inspection, after passing to use (but it is strongly not recommended use expired products, there is no guarantee, if your company this question by e-mail and our company in the general affairs department contact).

5 environmental protection and health
Prohibited the waste oil is directly discharged into the ditch into the soil, to prevent water pollution and environment. Waste oil recycling application fou collection, and then by permission of the government environmental recycling company, must not throw. Skin allergies or scrape the injured should be avoid direct and indirect contact lubrication oil. Do not wear clothing stains penetration, will be contaminated with oil rags into bags. Not available dirty rag wipe skin traces of oil, to anti cloth pieces in possession of metal debris can scratch the skin, causing infection.

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