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How to determine the oil change period?

source:本站Popularity:909Time:2016-01-20 15:26:12

Lubricating oil used when, to what degree cannot continue to use, need an oil change, this is the lube oil change period and scrap index, on the basis of general oil can be summarized in the following aspects:

(1) according to the equipment manufacturing units of the introduction and operation of the equipment to determine.

(2) according to the period of oil oil inspection.

(3) change notice:

1) do not easily make oil decided to try to prolong the service life of oil, proper use of equipment and oil, and add new oil, the conditions can be added additives. Of course, extend the oil change period must guarantee the safe running of the equipment and good premise. On some of the key, precision of the equipment should not be too much emphasis on the extension of the use of oil.

2) as much as possible with the maintenance of oil.

3) oil do not easily discarded, such as oil is good, a little processing (such as sedimentation filtration and removal of water impurities) and then for secondary equipment. Waste oil is collected to for further processing.

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