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EUBO best treasure mobile phone waterproof and vacuum coating machine supporting the use of

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Bath can brush microblogging!
Swimming can also pick up the phone!
Diving can also take photos!
[EUBO] mobile phone waterproof potion, make mobile phone waterproof become true!
Mobile phone vacuum coating equipment supporting syrup, original authentic, [EUBO] brand for youbao!
Manufacturers direct supply, adequate supply, reduce the middleman profit, so that the end user directly benefit!

[EUBO advantages and treasure] mobile phone waterproof potion, through vacuum coating equipment, medicine liquid atomizing, complete coverage of the cellular phone inside, not to obstruct any contact to complete waterproof and moistureproof effect. After [EUBO advantages and treasure] mobile phone waterproof drops over the phone, in the water can be normal browsing the Weibo, call and answer the call, can also when the waterproof camera, waterproof camera used in underwater photographs and video.


                        The traditional film and [EUBO] Youbao waterproof mobile phone drops PK


                     Traditional film

        [EUBO] mobile phone waterproof

   Screen surface            

  Plastic film, the naked eye can see

  A thickness of only 1/1000 of the hair, the naked eye can not see

      Moisture resistance

  The receiver, speakers, headset interface, USB interface and other places can not be covered,The water hit direct infiltration, damage to the phone

  The formation of water drops, in the mobile phone on the natural fall, can not damage mobile phone components

      Waterproof property

  Can not be waterproof, the phone will be scrapped in the water

  Not only the screen is waterproof, the body is also waterproof, mobile phone out of the water can still be used normally

      Fingerprint proof

  Easy to leave fingerprints, and more difficult to erase

  The fingerprint is not easy to adhere to, is clean.


  Easy to scrape flowers, from the side, shorter life

  Nano materials, structural stability, to achieve long-term protection

      Smooth property

  Plastic film separated, did not directly touch the screen

  Reduce the coefficient of friction, the screen is more smooth, sensitive


[EUBO] mobile phone waterproof liquid characteristics:
1, high performance waterproof, can achieve the whole waterproof
2, fog, fog, the film is more uniform
3, does not dissolve in water, the solvent purity is high
4, not burning, safe and reliable
5, non-toxic, tasteless, harmless to the human body


  EUBO] Youbao mobile phone waterproof Potion



 Mobile phone waterproof vacuum coating equipment

Shenzhen excellent Bao Hui EUBO, provides the world's leading lubrication and sealing waterproof solution!

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